Novelty Is No Longer Enough

As a VR/AR company, it might be surprising that "we'd like to do something with VR or AR" is one the most worrying things to hear in a meeting with a new prospect.

While I acknowledge that it's wonderful that they're a.) aware of the technologies, b.) interested in engaging with them - it's usually an early-warning sign!

It's negative because it typically reveals the prospect's intentions - it shows they likely want to engage with a perceived trend rather than they have a specific problem they've decided these technologies are well-suited to solve. Typically, opportunities that start like this won't ultimately progress and if they do, they're doomed to disappoint as there were never any clear expectations to be met or exceeded.

I believe the idea should always be paramount and the chosen technology second, so saying that "we want to do something in VR" seems backwards. Nobody would say "I want to make a website" without understanding it's intended purpose - we should hold VR/AR/MR experiences to the same exacting standards.

There's a period of hype with any emerging technology, where rationality goes out the window before ultimately settling down again and finding its place among its alternatives.

The technologies have been ready for a while now, I think it's time our thinking matured along with them - novelty is a short-term strategy.

Novelty is no longer enough.

When you google "novelty", VR is right in the middle of the first images!



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